Mypcsorted in Bristol - Helping you get the best out of your Personal Computer

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Mypcsorted dedicate their time to helping people benefit from computer technology - from identifying ways they can save time by using their existing systems in new ways to recommending how they can replace them. Technology changes at lightning speed and many people find the task of keeping up with the pace quite daunting. We are here to help people adjust to this and be empowered by it rather than put off and excluded


puppy desktopmypcsorted use a number of trusted suppliers of new and refurbished computers and laptops and peripherals. This lets us recommend the best equipment for your needs rather than making our need to dispose of old stock your problem


software picThis website has been edited by computers running MacOS Tiger, Linux and Windows XP. Mypcsorted have experience of installing and configuring all manner of applications on business and domestic computer systems

Home and office Networks

honeycomb - home officeWe'll look at your setup and troubleshoot network problems and advise on ways you can improve it.

Support and Maintenance

air cleaner picLike most things, computers also benefit from a little TLC...! Processor fans attract dust from even the cleanest homes and offices and problems occur if they overheat. Call today to find out about our support contracts.